Prepare Your Home for the Exchange




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    Maureen Sullivan

    I would add that it’s very helpful if you can be available by phone or email in case a problem arises.

    Also, asking a neighbor or friend to look in on your guests may be helpful (but let them know in advance). 


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    Dear Maureen, 

    Thank you very much for your feedback. These are great tips and we have now added them to the article. 

    Thank you again! Happy HomeExchanging!

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    Gina Vigil

    Do  people normally request that the linens be cleaned after their stay. What is normal expectation when staying at someone else's home. Should all the linens used be washed and beds made and house cleaned before leaving?


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    Maureen Sullivan

    If you’re on a quick weekend exchange it might not be necessary to do laundry or make the bed. But on longer exchanges it would be nice to have freshly laundered sheets on the beds when the homeowners return. Who wants to come home after a long trip and have to make the beds. Some hosts will ask you to do that or they will indicate some other  thing to do, such as leave the sheets in the laundry basket. Best bet is to ask your host what they would like and express your desires to them as well. Good Communication is the key to a successful exchange. 

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